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Simply the... Best of Cyclades!

All other things aside, the weather in Greece is never in crisis (and thank goodness for that!) Already Greece is enjoying over 20 degrees celsius and rising… making it pretty irresistible, gradually from May to September even into early October. April falls in the middle of Spring, ensuring that by May, Greece’s islands are fully prepared to be explored… by sea! And speaking of Greek islands, we look to the most sought after: the Cyclades and the best places to fully experience the essence of island life.

Paros island is a picturesque island that gives you the sense that you are travelling back in time to when it was just a humble fisherman’s abode. Featuring the typical Cycladic architecture of stark, whitewashed buildings and windmills, and some really wonderful beaches, and nowadays it is also considered a kite surfing hub so attracts quite a lot of youth! It has two ports, Parikia which is the commercial port where you will arrive by ferry, and the more quaint port of Naoussa filled with colourful fishing boats, around which most of the nightlife happens. You can experience the best of the island by choosing a serene bay to use as your base, 30 metres from the sea, so that you can enjoy your quiet, quality alone time in the privacy of your own sea view suite at Minois Village designed to harbour your most intimate moments.   

Naxos island is located opposite Paros, and is the largest of the Cyclades cluster. It is probably the least known with travellers abroad, although it is quite an important part of the Cycladic cluster for Greeks for the following simple reasons. Naxos is the greenest and most fertile island of the group, with an alluring mix between ancient Greek heritage and some Venetian inheritance. The staggering Apollo’s Gate (Portara) greets each and every visitor who draws near its port, creating a sense of amazement for the beholders. Full of graphic, inviting villages to discover, the beautiful landscapes allow the visitor to indulge in activities such as horse riding, bird watching and hiking, apart from the seaside fun to be had across its many gorgeous beaches. Couples can create their boho chic love nest by the sea at Naxian On the Beach and soak up all the sun rays while indulging in the world of experiences offered by the hospitality complex.

The official underdog of the Cyclades, although some might argue it is the most charming of all. Perhaps the most harmonious of the Greek islands, Folegandros has a strange ruggedness that is so sublime, it fills you with a sense of belonging, stripped down to the bear essentials. You will be amazed at Folegandros’ aura, reminiscent of another era and by embracing the local culture that is still very much alive in all its authenticity. The Chora or town of Folegandros will make your jaw drop with its Kastro precipice, the oldest settlement on the island. Surround yourselves with the white on white serenity by staying at the design hotel Anemi in the area of Karavostasis, overlooking the same name beach, while all the wonders of the Chora are only 3 km away.

The Cycladic island that needs no introductions, the mecca of romance and the ultimate paradise for enamoured couples. The dramatic cliff upon which the settlements of Fira and Oia are located is in every sense, simply captivating. The volcano opposite exudes a magnetism that creates within the viewer a feeling of awe, and combined with the immaculate sunset sky, together they paint a picture of immaculate natural beauty that will absolutely enthrall you. And when in Santorini, you can further experience an eclecticism that will inspire your soul at the awarded Andronis Exclusive Luxury Suites and Villas, where unrivaled elegance is a matter of course and indulging guests is business as usual. 

Explore them all
The Aegean sea is a fluid wonder that has been revered by the Greeks for centuries. Rich in commodities, and with its deep blue colour has defined the lives of the locals since ancient times. Sailing from one island to the other instils within you a sense of freedom, and each breath you take fills you up with sheer bliss. If you can’t decide which one island to visit, then you don't have to decide on one! You can consider swapping Naxos for Poros and Antiparos islands, add the mystical Delos and the cosmopolitan Mykonos, plus the intriguing Syros and the historic Kythnos to the itinerary. How? By taking a boutique cruise to discover the jewels of the Cyclades. That way, you can visit up to 10 islands in a week full of incredible visuals to wake up to everyday.

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