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Greece: The nursery of Seafaring

Greece is the land of seas; surrounded by vast masses of water to the west, to the east, to the south and to the north. It’s coastline is almost endless, with around 14,000 km of shore that is every bit worth exploring. And if it were not for its northern mainland border with the Balkans, it would be a island on its own. In addition to this massive coastline Greece has, it also boasts around 200 stand alone inhabited islands, not to mention others that are too barren to become homes for the populace. But these deserted ones also offer incredible visuals, and stunning coves, worth discovering by sea. All in all, Greece is in fact the nursery of seafaring, generously giving sailing lovers ample opportunity to feel the bliss of setting sail and experiencing a once in a lifetime floating holiday you will want to re-live again and again.

Northern Greece Discovery  

Athens is the capital city and appropriately so for a variety of reasons, however you might say that one of them is the fact that it falls right about in the midsection of Greece. To the north the... Athenian equator so to speak, you will find the Sporades island cluster and the North Aegean islands, and one more popular-among-Greeks destination which is not an island, however, shares very similar characteristics. Introducing the stunning Halkidiki with its three peninsulas, and the new, state-of-the-art super yacht Miraggio Marina in Kassandra, that now allows yacht owners to dock their vessels and also enjoy some off-board time on the incredible Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, enjoying its sensational facilities including the delectable Toroneo Marina Seafood Restaurant. From this Paliouri, there are many sailing options to consider. You can do from a 3 hour sunset cruise and back, to a 2 day cruise, or even longer one, depending on your preferences. Beautiful spots to discover are Nikiti Marmaras, Spalathonisia, Kelyfos (or Turtle) island. This way you’ll see two out of the three peninsulas, while the third one, Athos is a highly spiritual place, almost untouched by modern development, and home to Mount Athos that harbours Greece’s most mystical monastery. 

Southern Greece Classics
For those who want to venture into the depths of the more classic side of Greece by sea but don’t know where to start, Variety Cruises have the solution. With predetermined itineraries ensuring you get to the see the most amazing places the Greek seas have to offer, they also combine optional tours to the islands’ ancient landmarks, with dinners on board and the occasional Greek night for some authentic Greek entertainment. Kea, Delos, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Kythira plus others are a good mix to get your fix ranging the cultural and historical, the remote and relaxed, as well as the glamorous and cosmopolitan. Explore the top Greek islands, south of Athens that await to be explored with ease, comfort and safety as the boutique cruise experts have already thought of what you may want to experience! See all the available Greek island boutique cruises and choose the one that strikes your fancy.  

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