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Adult-only, romantic paradises in Greece

In the wake of summer Greece is looking fantastic; in actual fact, it is at its best! The peak summer temperatures have subsided after having warmed the sea to its highest point for the entire year. The atmosphere is cooler, more enjoyable some would argue, compared to the notoriously high temperatures of August that are known to reach 40 degrees celsius with ease. The crowds are less than in the previous months, school is in session and so everything is much more mellow making it totally understandable why September and October are actually the most ideal months for adults seeking romance to visit Greece. And here are two places that deliver just that: two locations on Greek island destinations, one in the Ionian and one in the Aegean sea, that are an adults-only paradise in Greece.

Corfu’s Agios Gordios  

The Ionian islands have a very distinct kind of beauty, a beauty that definitely enthralls the senses. Crystalline, azure shores, green landscapes that meet the emerald sea, mild winds, and a sky full of sunset colours. Corfu is considered the Lady of the Ionian due to its rich cultural heritage in addition to the aforementioned magnificent scenics and so fulfills all the criteria for an unforgettable romantic getaway. More specifically, the gorgeous village of Agios Gordios is home to the spectacular Mayor La Grotta Verde Resort, built on a breathtaking rock, on a downward gradient that ends up on a pristine beach. Here it is so easily to feel in love, as love manifests itself in every experience you have. Perfect for hosting your wedding or spending your honeymoon in Corfu, you can begin by imagining spectacular sea views rooms, top notch facilities, incredible dining venues with delectable gastronomy or your own private dinner, a plethora of fun and engaging activities, spa treatments for two and fitness programs to keep you in tip top condition. The sky filled with the warm colours of the sunset while you sip on wine, making plans for the future. You don’t have to imagine it any longer. You can experience it in person and see how one holiday can almost magically amplify your romance.

Santorini’s Akrotiri

The perennial romantic, Greek island destination that needs no introductions, however, the more secluded area of Akrotiri, situated at the southernmost corner of its crescent shape ,probably does. If you have visited Santorini before you will be familiar with its mesmerising aura, its striking volcanic landscape, its colourful beaches, its infamous sunset views that ooze romance from every ray of light. Akrotiri, however, offers all that plus an alternative vantage point that Santorini repeaters will find refreshing, and Santorini first timers will be allured by. Take advantage of the privacy achieved by staying at an isolated luxury hotel in Santorini, and feel like the only two people in the world even on the most popular island of the Cyclades. Indulge in delightful meals while you gaze over the volcano and onto the Caldera, to the clifftop settlements of Fira and Oia while the sun paints the sky with the deepest of sunset colours that are reflected on the deep Aegean sea. Experience the best that Santorini has to offer by simply informing the reception of your desires, and make your romantic holiday here reverberate throughout your relationship. The exclusive location of Astarte Suites is also the ideal place to host the Santorini wedding of your dreams, away from prying eyes, in a setting resembling a fairy tale.

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