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Discover Dubrovnik in Summer

Discover the sea city of Dubrovnik this summer. Embark on an Adriatic Sea Odyssey and explore the sites of the Dalmatian coast, for an off the beaten track, summer holiday that will give you visuals to last a lifetime. An enchanting fortress city built on the edge of the western coast of Croatia, is like something out of a movie. In fact, many scenes from the popular TV series, “Game of Thrones” have been filmed there, as Dubrovnik was the setting having inspired the ‘King’s Landing’ location of the aforementioned show. Apart from its medieval flair, Dubrovnik is surrounded by some beautiful beaches, so it is a fresh destination that ticks the boxes for an Mediterranean summer holiday. Discover Dubrovnik this summer and get acquainted with both its natural and its historic wonders.   

Dubrovnik city marvels

The ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ as it is often referred to, is a place that will fascinate you. The old city is full of marvels that visitors should check out in order to fully be able to appreciate its beauty. Full of architectural visuals, the city walls are the first thing to check out. A total of 2 km in length, they provide the ideal starting point for immersing into Dubrovnik’s best panoramic views, onto the Adriatic sea and overlooking the entire fortified city below. Fort Lovrijenac is located just outside Dubrovnik’s western wall; an impressive structure, it is also used as a venue for the coty’s Summer Festival where visitors can watch theatrical and musical performances. Visit Rector’s Palace and Cultural Historical Museum and you will immediately observe the grandness of the Gothic and Renaissance architectural style. As for being introduced to one of Dubrovnik’s oldest buildings, the Cathedral and Treasury was built in the 6th century and is adorned with a spectacular interior full of artefacts and wonderful wall and ceiling paintings. Sauntering around the charming streets of Dubrovnik city, you will come across the limestone pedestrian street of Stradun, that has cafes, shops and restaurants dotted all around its perimeter; it a hot spot day and night! The Square of Loggia is sure to impress you as it has impressed and won over Dubrovnik’s locals and tourists alike. Close to this you will see the Fountain of Onofrio & St. Saviour Church built in the 1400’s.      

Dubrovnik coastal wonders

‘Dubron’ is the Celtic name for water. No wonder it is the first part of Dubrovnik’s name. A quintessentially coastal city, Dubrovnik is practically surrounded by the sea. This makes for a nice range of beaches, most are rocky while there are some pebble and sand beaches to experience. St Banje beach is Dubrovnik’s most popular one, albeit pebble and gravel beach. This means it will tend to gather a fair amount of people, but it also has a number of facilities that beach goers will enjoy such as a beach bar and sun loungers. Next to this is the less crowded and more serene St. Jakov beach, but it will take another 20 minutes to reach it by foot. The largest beach in Dubrovnik is Lapad beach; although not particularly beautiful, it offers beach goers similar facilities to St Banje beach plus beach activities. It would appear that when considering the beaches of Dubrovnik, one you must choose comfort or beauty. However here is the twist! The most secluded and beautiful beach is the one at Betina Cave. It is a gorgeous quaint little beach that can only be accessed via the sea! Sunj beach is a nice sandy beach on the island of Lopud. Best for families, this beach also has a few facilities, although they are quite basic. Of course visiting the island of Korcula is also a top attraction in terms of Dubrovnik’s best beaches.

For discovering the best of the Adriatic sea, you can consider a cruise of the Adriatic sea, where you can also discover some other amazing coastal locations of Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece.         

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