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Gastronomic heaven in Corfu

Something is happening in the world of gastronomy these days. We are witnessing a phenomenon in which the cuisine permeates everything. New gastronomic spaces are born every little time in the city, specialty shops, cooking schools, culinary tours and, of course, establishments, make a living and highly attractive environment for visitors. One hotel that fully encapsulates this is an incredible luxury resort in Corfu that I recently visited. Read my full review of Mayor La Grotta Verde Grand Resort

The highlight of your stay will definitely be the gastronomy. Mayor La Grotta Verde Grand Resort offer an unique “Dine Around Concept”, making it a wonderful all inclusive luxury resort in Corfu and allowing the guests to explore a plethora of culinary delights and flavors in some of the hotel’s restaurants, choosing the area of their preference for each of their meals during the day.

Ocean View serves a menu inspired by the French cuisine, with genuine recipes and ingredients. We definitely recommend the famous onion soup, nicoise salad or salmon while being here for the romantic dinner under the skies. You cannot be in Greece and missed out on Greek food. In Areti bar-restaurant guests can be introduced to the delight of the original Greek cuisine, through its inspiring menu and its open kitchen. Do not forget to try some kebab, greek salad or yoghurt with honey as a desert.

Perla is the newest additional to the restaurant portfolio featuring a collection of Italian inspired dishes that will surprise you such as pizza, pasta or selection of delicios meats and fresh sea food. The hotel’s main restaurant Androniki offers a buffet with a variety of international tastes and dishes prepared right in front of you. You can enjoy a special themed night with rich buffet or head here for breakfast and lunch as well.

Towards the end of your stay at Mayor La Grotta Verde Grand Resort, you are caught thinking you would like to stay here forever. If you simply cannot, at least try to enjoy it for the days you are being here and let everyone else simply envy you.  

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