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Most Romantic Greek destinations for Autumn

Autumn is undoubtedly one of the most romantic seasons of the year. It brings with it a wistfulness that doesn’t leave couples, especially, unaffected. The end of Summer takes with it the intensity that has overwhelmed us, giving way to a mellowness that cultivates feelings of togetherness and belonging. A time to cozy up and spend every waking moment with your other half, it is the perfect time to go on a romantic holiday. Added benefits are that it is not considered high season, so prices will be lower overall, as well as having to deal with lesser crowds. Here are three of the most romantic Greek destinations for an Autumn holiday, since the Greek climate is fairly mild, making even a beach holiday entirely plausible.  

Athens: The city

Being in the city has many attributes, one of which is that romantic possibilities are endless. From morning strolls, to a stop for brunch or a coffee, sauntering around the city’s landmarks will reveal a perspective imbued with the enchantment of Athens’ ancient vibes. Unlike most metropolitan cities, Athens is easy to discover by foot. There is something inherently romantic about walking around at your own pace, taking in visuals that inspire you to connect with a place of so much history. The anciency of Athens is a subtle reminder that we are dispensable in time, bringing urgency to living in the present. Evening promenades under the Acropolis and the illuminated Parthenon are absolutely magical; candle lit dinners, whether at fine dining venues such as Sense, Acropolis view rooftop  restaurant, or at one of the picturesque tavernas that can be found in the Anafiotika area, can be equally rewarding. 

Acropolis view Sense Restaurant in Athens

Santorini: The island 

Santorini island is the mecca of honeymoons in the Mediterranean. It is a place that is known for having one of the world’s most amazing sunsets and an inherent mystery about it. In mythology, its creation was apparently linked to one of the Argonauts who dreamt about copulating with a nymph who was Poseidon’s daughter. She had fallen pregnant and asked him to throw a clod of earth into the sea, so that an island would emerge where she could give birth, without her father knowing. The Argonaut abided and so, he threw a clot of soil into the sea from which Santorini island sprung. Therefore, since ancient times, Santorini has been a place inextricably linked to romance. For a truly secluded spot in Santorini, luxury suites in Akrotiri are a wonderful choice, that will provide a different vantage point of the island, while for a more central location, a four star hotel in Fira is quite convenient.      
Dinner at Akrotiri's Astarte Suites, in Santorini

Drone view of Kalisti, central Fira hotel in Santorini

Greek Islands Cruise 

Autumn is the perfect time to take one of the many available Greek island cruises. A popular thing with honeymooners especially, a cruise does not guarantee absolute privacy, however there are some couples who like to have the choice of socialising with others when they want to. After all, it is the best and most time efficient way to visit a large number of islands. Consider that a week’s itinerary can include up to 9 islands or coastal stops, and more importantly, without passengers having to lift a finger. In all other circumstances, in order to visit 9 places you would need 2 weeks at least, and that would involve a lot of moving around, lugging suitcases from one destination to the next, between ports and hotels. This requires effort on your part which will often detract from the magic of spending a romantic holiday with your other half, thus making the boutique cruise option favourable for this reason too. When choosing a cruise, you only board once, and get to enjoy new, sensational visuals every single day as you relax on deck.  

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