Celebi Platinum Lounge, Budapest airport

Exclusive services, tranquil surroundings, and pleasant views await non-Schengen guests in this modern oasis. A spacious layout ensures peace and privacy. Internet access, power outlets, and a business corner synergize to create an ideal environment for getting work accomplished. Or perhaps you’re just looking to unwind in a quiet environment and enjoy some snacks and drinks. All of that and many more is possible to experience in Celebi Platinum Lounge at Budapest airport. 

I have visited the Celebi Platinum Lounge at Budapest airport before my flight Montenegro near gate 12. Just to mention, the lounge is one of four Priority Pass lounges at Budapest airport. It is also accessible to premium passengers of Lufthansa, Swiss, Iberia, and other airlines. Finally, one can also pay 28 EUR + VAT to enter the Celebi Platinum Lounge for two hours.

There is a salad bar with cheese slices, salami, corn, iceberg lettuce, and mayo packets. They also had Sport bars and Turo Rudi (another Hungarian chocolate bar; it’s like a curd with a chocolate coating), and the breakfast options were perhaps better because they did have yogurt and cereals. Self-service counter is available to any guest to enjoy the unlimited amount of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea and etc.

Celebi’s Platinum VIP Service even offers personalized services, including airport transfer, ticket and baggage handling. They welcome you at the airport by name, and the hostesses help you to find your way through the airport, with their expertise and personal escort, and to make sure that the mandatory processes are undertaken efficiently and conveniently; fast track lane through passenger security, a VIP bus in case the aircraft is parked on a remote stand, option for a limousine transfer to and from the airport.

The VIP room of the private flights terminal near Terminal 1 is available for meetings in a peaceful and pleasant environment. The lounge, able to accommodate thirteen people, is equally suitable for meetings and for recreation. Therefore if you are still considering where to spend you time ahead your flight out of Budapest airport, do not hesitate for too long. Visit Celebi Platinum Lounge in both, Terminal A or B and make the most out of your experience 😊

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