Airport Lounge World, Munich airport

Airport Lounge World at Munich Airport offers you a modern, customized premium lounge  filled with natural light, in the 1,700 square meter. Along with bistro, café and relaxation areas with a unique view of the airport, you will find modern showers, newspapers, magazines and TV from Germany and abroad, free wifi and much more. The two-level premium lounge also includes a separate smoking room and a buffet with wide-ranging food and beverage options. 

Operated by Munich Airport the Airport Lounge World welcomes passengers departing to destinations outside Europe‘s Schengen zone. The Common User Lounge welcomes premium guests of selected airlines, membership Programmes, as well as Customers on a pay-in Basis.  I had the opportunity to review the lounge when I was heading to Los Angeles. After you pass through secruity checkpoint, the sign will navigate you within the terminal to reach your destination – Airport Lounge World. 

Take the elevator up to Level 6 to enter the beautiful, luxurious and very welcoming Airport Lounge World. There are many ways to get in the lounge. As the lounge has partnered with many airlines flying out of this Terminal, Premium Cabin Passengers get invites to the lounge or you can use a lounge card like Priority Pass as well. Alternatively, you can also purchase a day pass for €48 Euros. To be honest, I would almost consider to recommend you to buy access to this lounge. You get a lot for your money here.

 The first level of the lounge has a ton of seating along the window and seating corners all over. It also has the big main buffet which is amazing. I arrived in the morning and had another great German breakfast starting from Pretzels, all the way to scrambled eggs. On the other hand, the second level provides more like a gateway to relax and tranquility. On this level, you can also find a smoking room and shower suites.  Newspapers and magazines are available at multiple points throughout the lounge.

The staff is amazing as well and their service is second to none. They constantly walk around to see if there are any unused cups, glasses or other stuff to take back to the kitchen for cleaning. They also restock the buffet regularly and check the lounge for cleanliness and happy guests. The dining tables get cleaned right away, they even take your used dishes right after you finished with them. This was a great experience and I wish all lounges would be like that. Everything was perfect, from the location, food selection and views.

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