Big Bus London, UK

There is no better way to see London then on a deck of Big Bus Tour. From the beginning of our journey, everything worked just perfect, you can easily get on and off and take one of its 3 routes – blue, green and red. Another great addition is the mobile app where you can track the live location of your bus or you are prefer just take the paper map inside the bus. The tour is available in 5-6 different languages via headphones also available inside.

Once we boarded the bus, we were surprised to see that even on the weekend, it was not crowded, you could literally choose where to sit, up or down. During the 2 days tour we used the premium tickets which entitled us also to Night tour or River cruise on Thames. During that we bought some hot chocolate to keep us warm.

Beside premium tickets, you also have a choice of classic and deluxe and occasionally also some seasonal ones like for Valentine's Day. Therefore, if you are looking forward to seeing as much as possible in London during the weekend, do not hesitate to take the Big Bus Tour. Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Buckingham Palace will be right at your hand.

More information and details can be found on its official website, where you can also buy tickets in an advance.




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