Hi Residence, Bangkok

Forced to find a quick place to stay in Bangkok but most importantly escape the recent floods, HI Residence in Bangkok proved to be a right choice. Located a bit further from the downtown but still easily reached by taxi (around 80 thai baht); it is a nice boutique hotel/apartment residence with jacuzzi pool and rooftop restaurant. Do not forget to take into consideration the inclusive breakfast buffet as well as the wireless throught the hotel, guests will definitely enjoy their stay in there.

Staff was extremely nice and polite and even managed to arrange for us a breakfast box at 3am as we were leaving earlier to the airport. All the rooms are designed in a very modern way and features bathroom with shower court and balcony. The most amazing about the whole deal was the price; only 30 eur for the room.
Therefor if you look for a nice, clean and cheap place, bear Hi Residence in mind. :)

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