Popeye Village, Malta

Popeye Village is definitely the place which is worth the attention. Located in the north of the main island of Malta, a small bay hidden in high cliffs created a landmark for the real village where a 1980´s film was shot. The current village differs from the film village in terms of equipment for visitors. It is a kind of museum and an exhibition hall connected with Popeye the sailor man, you can watch the film, visit places that Popeye himself also visited and places where key scenes were filmed. You can also see first-hand buildings that actually appeared in the film, including their interiors.

What makes this place special is the fact that something is constantly happening here. Popeye, the sailor man walks through the village, or competitions and games for children take place directly here. Two restaurants will delight those they have wiped out. Toilets and free WIFI internet are available, of course. If you want, you can bathe in the local bay with a beautiful bluish water, reminiscent of pictures of Caribbean beaches. Maybe that's why the filmmakers chose this beautiful place and built a village here, which is now part of tourism on the island of Malta.

The film was made in 1980 by Walt Disney Production and Paramount Pictures. The 114-minute music film is best known for its cast. The main character of Popeye, the sailor man was played by a young Robin Williams, who has since become famous in many roles. The construction of this place began in 1979. The wooden structure consisted of many materials that were imported from abroad. They transported timber from Malta and Canada. The filmmakers built a village, the construction of which resists even today. In some places a wooden structure was built on iron welded parts, elsewhere the structure was built intentionally at an angle.

Before entering, set off around the cliff. Directly opposite the village is a freely accessible space. Although on a dangerous steep cliff, photography from there is a must. You have the whole village in the palm of your hand. Pure wooden architecture of the village bears many non-traditional elements, colourful colours and each of the buildings is unique precisely to make the uniqueness stand out in the picture.

The main road leads through the whole village, from which you can discover individual buildings, yourself. In summer, at the end of the entire route, a small section should be accessible for families with children with swimming pools. It does not hurt to count on a swimsuit in a backpack in every case. For more information regarding the Popeye village, do not hesitate to visit the official website https://popeyemalta.com/.

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