Burj Khalifa, Dubai Aquarium, UAE

At the Top of Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world feels very especially; not only you get a chance to see the diversity Dubai has got to offer but you can also indulge in the breathtaking views from the 124 resp. 125th floor. And that is a one-life time experience you will have in the United Arab Emirates.

Going up 

Burj Khalifa is in the Downtown of Dubai, within walking distance to Dubai Mall and all the surrounding attractions. This proximity creates a perfect getaway for everyone - pedestrian, metro, and car travelers. After passing through the cashier desk, you are automatically taken to the elevators which transport you to the Top in an exactly one minute.

Once you enter the observation desk, the 360 degrees view of Dubai is right at your fingertips. If you are lucky enough, and there´s not the famous Dubai dust, you will see as far as the Palm, Dubai Marina, and other parts of this amazing city. What is the best time to go up? I personally recommend right before the sunset, so you see Dubai at day and night, and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Don´t forget, you can go even higher that at the Top, At The Top Sky is the attraction 23 levels higher, up to level 148 of Burj Khalifa which will cater your needs by small refreshment and private area. Higher you can be the better view of famous Dubai Fountain you will get. If you still have some energy left, then head back to the Dubai Mall which is not only the shopping paradise but also home to the Dubai Aquarium.

Dubai Aquarium

The 10-million-liter Dubai Aquarium tank, located on the Ground Level of The Dubai Mall, is one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world. It houses thousands of aquatic animals, comprising over 140 species. You can continue your journey at the Underwater Zoo and learn more about what amazing creatures inhabit both our rivers and oceans. Located on Level Two above the Aquarium tank, Underwater Zoo leads you through three ecological Zones: Rainforest, Rocky Shore and Living Ocean.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and the Aquarium are attractions which will not leave you bored. And there is no better time to see them then right now when they are not as packed as usually. Therefore, head to their official websites, book your passes and enjoy breathtaking views, marine adventure, or shopping paradise. For more information, visit https://www.thedubaiaquarium.com/ and https://www.burjkhalifa.ae/en/.


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